Premium medical cannabis extracts

our experts produce the finest medical cannabis products for the international market. our specialised production processes ensure that we provide our patients with high grade products at an affordable cost. 

Our Unique Approach

We leverage our Canadian experience, expertise and technology to take advantage of our primary facilities strategic position in Macedonia. Macedonia has the climate for Cannabis production. It is situated geographically close to the EU and has a strong background in commercial horticulture. Combined with cutting edge production and extraction technologies we can provide a premium medical cannabis product to patients.  

Our Production Facility

Our primary production facility is located just outside of Prilep in Macedonia. We are finalizing licencing  on 22 hectares of property that includes 6 large buildings that can be used for production. 

Prilep is an ideal location for the production of Medical Cannabis. It is geographically located close to key markets in the EU. Having an ideal climate and a strong history  in commercial greenhouse production this facility will be able to service the EU and other key international markets.